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Sheriff’s Department Refuses to Name Cop Involved in Shooting

Earlier this month an officer involved shooting left an innocent man, Frank Mendoza, dead at the scene of the crime. According to sheriff’s officials in an email stating that they refused to release the name of the cop involved in the shooting due to safety reasons. The report stated that the officer thought the deceased Frank Mendoza for a wanted parolee Cedric Ramirez and shot him in the forehead and right leg. Officials released a statement saying that they are currently investigating the shooting and that they are investigating specific, credible threats against the deputies involved in that incident. Officials are saying that if they release the names of the officers involved in the shooting, they are invading their personal privacy by releasing their personal files. The family of Frank Mendoza are heart broken and are begging for justice for this shooting. The sheriff’s officials also stated that the safety of the officers is far more important than the public’s need to know of their identities.


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