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City of Pico Rivera, CA

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The city of Pico Rivera is a beautiful city that is located in the southeastern region of Los Angeles County and is approximately 11 miles away from downtown Los Angeles. According to the 2010 United States Census, the city of Pico Rivera has a population of about 60,000 people with the majority of the population being Hispanic. The city of Pico Rivera is filled with places for families to visit and its close proximity to downtown Los Angeles and the beautiful beaches of California make it a prime place for families to live in. There are also many lounges and bars for adults to come and enjoy the night around other residents who will welcome anybody with open arms. However the law enforcement in Pico Rivera are very strict and have a zero tolerance policy for anyone who breaks the law no matter how small the offense is. They make their presence known by constantly patrolling the city randomly all day and night. They also set up DUI checkpoints randomly throughout the city on a daily basis to ensure the safety of its residents. Therefore, the city of Pico Rivera is a great place to live in if you want to enjoy yourself in a very friendly and safe environment.

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