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Pico Rivera Sheriff's Department

The city of Pico Rivera contracts with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department to provide the residents with law enforcement services. The city and county of Los Angeles and Pico Rivera consider themselves partners in providing the city of Pico Rivera residents with this service.


Because it is a branch of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, the station is not as big as most departments and does not have as many services as other major cities. The purpose of just have a Sheriff's Station in the city is that it saves the city some money that is put back into the city to make it a better place to live.


All of the men and women employed at the Pico Rivera Sheriff's Station are dedicated to providing the best and most professional law enforcement services to the residents of the city of Pico Rivera. Over the years, it has been the City Council's highest priority to ensue the safety and security of the thousands of people living in the Pico Rivera area.


The men and women of the Pico Rivera Sheriff's Station also make sure that they involve themselves in their communities as well as the community of Pico Rivera. They participate in as many community events as they can and try to help their neighbors keep their homes as safe as possible.


By creating this personal relationship between the officers and the residents of the city, the officers are making the community a much safer place for everyone to live in. This also makes it harder for criminals to target the city of Pico Rivera.


So it is up to the residents of the city to help the law enforcement by communicating with officers and their city council to let them know what they feel needs to be done to make the city a much safer place to live in.

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