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Suspect of a Hit and Run in Pico Rivera Begins Trial

About a year ago, Pila Pantoja was crossing Beverly Road when a sport utility vehicle heading westbound struck her. The driver of the vehicle just kept speeding down the street after he had hit the victim When the paramedics found the poor woman, she was lying on her side about 30 feet away from where she was struck by the vehicle. When the police finally caught up with the hit and run driver later on that day, the suspect stated that he had thought he hit a dog so he did not think of stopping. The suspect has pleaded not guilty to felony charges of leaving the scene on the day of the accident a year ago, vehicular manslaughter without gross negligence and driving with a .08 percent blood alcohol and causing injuries. The suspect will return to court later on this month on July 27 for a preliminary hearing. The suspect and his lawyer could not be reached for comment. Police are unclear whether or not that the suspect is telling the truth, but this long trial will bring out the truth of the matter and justice will be served by the end of trial.

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